Brotherhood Ministry Meeting

Nov 15, 2023 | News & Events | 0 comments

A Compelling Evening of Fellowship and Worship

It was a great evening of fellowship and worship for over 70 brothers at Panama First Baptist Church. The ladies of the church served a delicious meal, followed by a compelling message from Pastor Lorimore about “Hell” and what everyone needs to do to avoid it.

The Brotherhood Ministry

The Brotherhood is composed of all male members of the church, who are united together for the common purpose of training and developing leadership and missionary skills in men for outreach ministries. The Brotherhood serves to bring men of all ages together to grow in Christ, while encouraging each other to be servants in their families, churches, and communities.

The Power of the Message

The power of Pastor Lorimore’s message was palpable in the room. He gave a passionate sermon about the importance of making the right choices, and avoiding the pitfalls of Hell. It resonated deeply with the attendees, many of whom were moved.

The Fellowship of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is committed to building relationships among the men of the church, so after the message, the attendees spent the rest of the evening in fellowship. They discussed the message, shared stories, and encouraged each other in their faith. It was a powerful reminder of the strength of the bond between the men of the church.

A Night to Remember

It was an unforgettable evening of fellowship, worship, and spiritual growth. The men of the church will carry the message of Pastor Lorimore with them and use it to guide them in their daily lives. The Brotherhood Ministry of Panama First Baptist Church continues to be a powerful force for spiritual growth and service.





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