Monday Night Ladies Bible Study

Feb 12, 2024 | News & Events

The Monday Night Ladies Bible Study is a vibrant and growing community of women who are passionate about studying God’s Word and growing in their faith. We are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment where women can grow in their understanding of God’s Word, apply its truths to their lives, and develop their leadership gifts. We invite you to join us for a Bible study and experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your own life.

Tonight the ladies studied Bathsheba, found in 2 Samuel 11: 1-12;25. Bathsheba, her beauty, made her a victim of a King’s desire. She was molested by supposedly a Godly man. Who when the King found out she was pregnant with his child, had her husband killed. The King did marry her, but their firstborn died. Their second son, Solomon, became the king
after his dad.

We also took a look at Tamar, Tamar was the daughter of King David. Tamar shared her father’s good looks. Amnon, Tamar’s half brother loved her dearly. Amnon, on the advice of his friend, Jonadab, pretended to be sick and asked if Tamar could fix him something to eat. While she was there, even though she pleaded no, he raped her and threw her out. Tamar is unprotected by her father, betrayed by her brother, and lives in Absalom’s, another brother, house, a desolate woman, without the possibility of marriage or children because she is no longer a virgin. Absolom eventually kills Amnon for the rape of his sister.


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