There Is Power In The Blood

Nov 19, 2023 | News & Events | 0 comments

Power In The Blood Hymn Jumpstarts Morning Worship Service

This morning worship service was started off with the powerful hymn, “There Is Power In The Blood.” Afterwards, the church song leaders gave a special presentation of “This Old House,” while the children did their Sunday rain day walk before being dismissed to Children Worship, where they are preparing for their Christmas program to be performed on December 10th.


The congregation sang “He Lives” and “Heaven Jubilee,” which brought the congregation to a new level of joy.
The pianist performed  beautiful music to our worship songs, which increased the atmosphere of praise and worship.
At the end, the choir sang “Bless the Lord,” which reminded everyone of the importance of being thankful
and praising God for all He has done.


Pastor Lowrimore gave a great message on “Bless The Lord” and being Thankful on our daily walk with God. He reminded us of Psalm 103: 1-5, which speaks of God’s faithfulness and goodness. We could feel the encouragement and presence of the Holy Spirit as we heard Pastor Lowrimore share on this powerful message. The whole atmosphere was filled with joy and gratitude to our Lord. We were so glad to see all the familiar faces and new faces that joined us for worship. It was a blessing to be able to come together to thank the Lord for His love and faithfulness in our lives.


Overall, the service was filled with joy, celebration, and worship. The power of the hymn, “There Is Power In The Blood,” jump-started the service and set the tone for the rest of the morning. It was a wonderful time of praise and worship, and everyone left feeling blessed and uplifted.





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