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Sep 27, 2023 | News & Events | 0 comments

Youth Alive: Uniting Local Churches and Providing Safe Spaces for Today’s Youth

Youth Alive is one of the largest Christian youth movements, renowned for uniting local churches from every denomination and providing safe spaces for today’s youth to be encouraged by a message of hope, purpose and love. Jo Nichols from the Heartbeat Ministry, formerly known as Samaritan Kitchen, recently stopped in and asked Pastor Dale Lowrimore to be a guest speaker at a Youth Alive meeting at Panama, Oklahoma High School. The turnout was great, and Pastor Lowrimore gave an inspiring message about the need for spiritual movement in our youth and the importance of never losing hope and joy during difficult times, but rather to depend on God.

Components of Youth Alive

  • Uniting Local Churches – Youth Alive’s mission is to unite local churches of all denominations and create a safe, encouraging place for youth to come together and be spiritually equipped.
  • Safe Spaces – Youth Alive provides safe places for the youth of today to come together, regardless of their differences, and be encouraged by a shared message of hope, purpose and love.
  • Message of Hope – Through their meetings, guest speakers, and local events, Youth Alive provides an uplifting message of hope that resonates with today’s youth.

What People are Saying About Youth Alive

Pastor Dale Lowrimore had this to say about his experience at the Panama, Oklahoma High School Youth Alive meeting: “The youth of today are seeking a spiritual connection and are in need of a movement that will provide that. Youth Alive is doing a remarkable job of uniting local churches and providing a safe haven for youth to come together and be inspired by a message of hope, purpose and love.”



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