Women’s Bible Study Uncovers the Story of Moses’ Birth Mother’s

Oct 17, 2023 | News & Events | 0 comments

Women’s Bible Study Gathers for Exodus 2

Tonight’s Women’s Bible Study was nothing short of wonderful. Ten ladies joined in on the week’s study of Exodus 2. Sister Joy Kinsey opened the evening with a prayer.

Moses’ Two Mothers

During the study, we learned about Moses’ two mothers, Jochebed and Pharaoh’s daughter. We discussed how the two of them made an impact on his life and how God works through all of us in mysterious ways.

Jochebed’s Role in Moses’ Life

  • Jochebed was Moses’ birth mother.
  • She protected her son and made the brave decision to place him in a waterproof basket and set him adrift on the Nile River.
  • She knew that Pharaoh’s daughter would find him and adopt him as her own son.

Pharaoh’s Daughter’s Role in Moses’ Life

  • Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in the basket and adopted him as her own child.
  • She provided a loving home for him and ensured he had the best education.
  • She was also instrumental in Moses’ upbringing as a leader.
  • In the end, she gave him the courage to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Through our discussion, we gained a new perspective of the strength and courage of Moses’ two mothers and their important role in his life. We were truly inspired by their faith and the impact they had on Moses’ destiny.

Invitation to Join

We invite all women to join us for this fellowship. We meet every Monday evening to discuss different passages in the Bible and build each other up in our faith. Here is a list of other topics we have discussed in the past:

  • Finding Strength in Prayers
  • The Meaning of Love
  • How to Hear the Voice of God
  • The Power of Forgiveness

Come join us and see how the Lord can work in your life!



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